The dangerous psychological effects of Pornography

The dangerous psychological effects of Pornography a man came to confess that he had been with a woman and did everything except sexual intercourse, Omar ibn al The dangerous psychological effects of Pornography said, Allah has concealed your fault; it would have been better if you had concealed it yourself.

The Prophet then quoted the verse, And be constant in praying at the beginning and the end of the day. for, verily, good deeds drive away evil deeds: this is a reminder to all who bear (God) in mind. (11:114). In addition, the Qur'an elsewhere clearly stresses the importance of sincerely repenting as God is ever merciful (4:15-16). Several hadith refer to an instance in which the Prophet tried to give a man the opportunity to avoid punishment.

Maiz ibn Fucks Bum Porn by GF Porn Tube came to the Prophet insisting on confessing his sin of fornication with a slavegirl. The Prophet responded by turning away from him, then insisted that the couple must have just looked at each other, or only embraced or kissed; but Maiz persisted with his confession of actual intercourse.

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